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Video Surveillance Solutions

Video Surveillance Solutions

IP Camera Networks

High definition Megapixel CCTV

Analogue CCTV

Intelligent Auto-tracking

Explosion Proof Cameras

Thermal CCTV

Prison Cell Cameras

Covert CCTV

Marine CCTV

ANPR Cameras

Wireless CCTV

CCTV for homes

Remote monitored CCTV

Mobile CCTV cameras

IR Cameras

With each different requirements from the industry recorded over the years, there’s no single formula that works for all. It takes experience and find tuning for each of these components. The right cameras paired with a compatible Video Management System and a capable Network Video Recorder makes a complete system. Additionally, with the help of professional high quality lighting it is possible to further pushes for higher quality surveillance. Talk to us for advice on combinations of components that works for your required business environment.

Pentagon provides a Video Management System platform that seamlessly bridges the gap between mid-market and enterprise platforms by providing a superior user interface and robust feature set that customers demand. Ideal for small to mid-size installations up to 100 cameras, installation is seamless and simple. Uniquely designed with IT friendly windows and menus, users enjoy a familiar experience when using the system.