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About Us


Founded in 1996, Pentagon Automation Corporation is a supplier and provider of advanced building management solutions ideal for any industry.  We explore on how technology and services can help in addressing energy efficiency, security problems and challenges we face today. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Your home & business protection is our profession. The most effective and efficient system starts with precise planning, design, and equipment. Our constant research for state-of-the-art technology in security products makes us the best value provider of products and applications for total building management & security solutions.

We put emphasis on customer care to make certain that protecting people and the things they care about our number one priority. We offer training & support for customers during the design, installation, deployment, and maintenance phases of a project. We dedicate ourselves in helping our customers hit their business targets by energy savings, efficiency process, protecting their assets, reducing theft and staff surveillance. With our security solutions, we have been able to help our customers achieve these lofty goals.

We offer a wide range of products from intelligent building systems, cameras, video management, network video surveillance, video transmission, intelligent video analytic, mobile remote surveillance, illumination, access control, fire alarm, PBX, intercom systems and accessories.  Whether purchasing one of our pre-configured system packages, or completely customizing your surveillance needs, we have the people and the tools to get the job done