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IP Access Control Solutions

IP Access Control Solutions
  • Onsite / Remote Access Control System
  • Stand Alone Access Control
  • Biometrics / Keycard Equipment
  • Door / Elevator Automation
  • Locking / Trigger Equipment

Access control systems, as the name implies, control access to a resource, typically a door or series of doors within a building. By installing a door access control system, you can manage who is granted entry to your physical address and when they can come in and out. Access control solutions increase the safety of your facility and offer superior protection compared to traditional locks and keys.

Locks and keys have been used for decades, but when keys are lost or stolen, businesses bear the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and reissuing keys. Additionally, keyed entries come with their own unique risks — key holders can easily create copies, resulting in additional security risks. On top of that, lock picking can be easily learned, and keyed entry cannot be monitored or controlled. By comparison, a card reader or bio-metrics security system can offer a smarter and more secure option to physical locks.

IP Access Control technology monitors & regulate entries to authorized personnel to designated areas of a building or a large compound.  The latest system is capable of integrating with video surveillance & centralized management system located at a separate location. There is a lot to consider when choosing the right access control system for your project especially in security measures and supports for an ever-growing number of 3rd party Access Control devices to protect people and assets.

The system allows different access modes which includes card, pin code, fingerprint and supports multiple advanced card configurations with authentications. Multiple system linking such as video surveillance, fire alarmvisitor management, & attendance management module. It is also capable of Global Cardholder Management which manages cardholder groups and credentials across multiple locations with server synchronization. Customize report templates based on company security policy and procedure. The system is scalable to handle future growth of any organization.