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AI Face Recognition & Temperature Measuring Solutions

AI Face Recognition & Temperature Measuring Solutions

Although this is a very difficult time for many businesses, with many companies closing down, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. While the country waits with anticipation on when lockdown will be lifted and things may start to get back to normal, PENTAGON has the latest in Temperature Screening Technology, helping businesses like yours open sooner and protecting workers, visitors and suppliers.


Here’s why Temperature Screening Technology will benefit your business:

1. Detect a High Body Temperature in Real-time

Temperature Screening Technology can detect a high body temperature in less than 1 second. This gives businesses real-time information on who is entering their office, construction site, warehouse etc. As we know, a high body temperature or fever is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19. Therefore, businesses can detect and stop infected persons entering their premises, helping to stop the spread of the virus.


2. Protect Staff, Visitors and Suppliers

For many businesses, protecting their staff is the number one priority when considering what a post-lockdown workplace will look like. Incorporating Temperatures Screening Technology is an essential way to help protect anyone who is entering your premises. It is also a great way to help boost staff morale and productivity. If staff members are not worrying whether the person next to them has symptoms of COVID-19, they will be more happy, relaxed and in a positive frame of mind. Not to mention, the amount of lost work hours that can be saved by stopping the spread of COVID-19, which we believe could easily offset the cost on any Temperature Screening Technology.


3. Automated and Easy to use Technology

Temperature Screening Technology uses that latest in AI to ensure rapid and reliable temperature screening on multiple people at once. Some businesses may opt to test body temperatures using over the counter thermometers. Unfortunately, this approach is not only time and labor consuming but ineffective and can provide false results. It also relies on someone testing another person who is stood next to them, which contradicts any social distancing rules. Temperature Screening Technology, you can test up to 30 people in less than one second, making it ideal for businesses with a flow of people entering together. The cameras are either fixed or tripod mounted, meaning a very efficient testing procedure. Can also monitor the camera feed from their state of the art monitoring station, alerting businesses remotely when anyone enters with as high temperature. This approach allows businesses to maximize the technology without any additional labor costs.


Benefits of facial recognition often cited include identifying offenders and boosting security systems, as well as reducing unnecessary human interaction and labour. In some examples, facial recognition has also been used to help support medical efforts.


1. Finding missing people and identifying perpetrators

Law enforcement agencies use facial recognition to identify criminals with no other means of identification and to locate missing people by comparing faces captured on camera feeds with those on watch lists.


2. Protecting businesses against theft

Facial recognition software has been used as a preemptive measure against shoplifting. Business owners use the software and security cameras to identify suspects against a database of known thieves, and it has been argued that the mere presence of facial recognition cameras has an effect as a deterrent for would-be offenders. If something is stolen from the business, the software can also be used to catalogue the thieves for future reference.


3. Better security measures in banks and airports

Facial recognition has also come to be used as a preventative security measure in sensitive locations such as banks and airports. Similar to identifying criminals that come into shops, the software has helped identify criminals and passengers that pose a potential risk to airlines and passengers.


5. Drastically reduces human touchpoints

Facial recognition requires fewer human resources than other types of security measures, such as fingerprinting. It also doesn’t require physical contact or direct human interaction. Instead, it uses AI to make it an automatic and seamless process. It also limits touchpoints when unlocking doors and smartphones, getting cash from the ATM or performing any other task that generally requires a PIN, password or key.

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