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One of the best ways to keep your security systems operational is to ensure that it is protected by a security service agreement. Whether it's stand-alone or intergrated to your access control system, the imporatance of maintaining you security system cannot be overstated.

Depending on your environment, CCTV systems, along with cameras, lenses, and Technicial At WorkDVRs, can be exposed to a variety of harsh elements that may affect their operation, including image quality. In order to maximize the effectiveness of sureillance efforts and the quality of stored images, it's important to have a clearly focused lens and to keep cameras, housings and dome enclosures clean and unobstructed. Alarm systems backup batteries could have come to the end of there lifespan, un-explained false alarms, or not noticing your detectors had stopped working. Proper operation, regular inspection, and maintenance can significantly increase the useful life of your equipment and provide many years of troublefree performance.

You've made a substanial investment in security, and the uninterrupted operation of your security system is essential to keeping your facility safe and secure. You don't want to rely on guesswork when situation arise that might compromise security. At Pentagon, we're committed to helping you achieve all your security and safety goals.

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